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Syntax Reference

A syntax reference guide for multiple programming languages and others


At some point, we all have our notes, code snippets, Github Gists, and others. This Syntax Reference came to be from a struggle to have up-to-date syntax reference notes, from programming languages to terminal commands, queries, and so on.

Programming languages are tools, each with its purpose and objective and we, developers, usually need to maintain or create projects in specific languages, which solve specific problems.

It is easy to get the syntax mixed or not remember something specific. Some languages have a really specific syntax for something that is trivial in other languages, and that makes it difficult to remember.

Although other websites address similar topics, I was not happy with its content organization and outdated content.

Starting with Programming Languages, topics are organized into "concepts", and is focused on simplicity and code examples. This is not a language tutorial. It is expected from the reader experience in at least one language.

There are a LOT of room for Improvement.

This project is open-source, from developer to developer.

If you wanna help, check out Github.

Current Avaliable Syntax

🚧 This project is a work in progress in early stages 🚧